Infor Third Party Logistics Billing

Since your warehouse is a profit center, you know that using advanced billing capabilities is the best way to track revenue for all services rendered. Automate the costing, billing, and invoicing processes and you stand a much better chance of getting your invoices right and getting them paid. Infor Third Party Logistics Billing gives you advanced costing, billing and invoicing capabilities.


What it is

With Infor Third Party Logistics Billing you can:

  • Improve the collection processes and, in turn, cash collection.
  • Improve overall customer service.
  • Quickly align systems to changing business requirements.
  • Automate billing processes.
  • Improve billing accuracy.
  • Reduce cash-to-cash cycle times.
  • Gain flexibility in designing custom billing for customers.

When you implement Infor Third Party Logistics Billing, you streamline costing and billing processes. You get:

  • Robust rating and costing engine—Assign the rate or cost, compute the charge quantity, apply necessary minimums, calculate markups or discounts, and perform other costing processes.
  • Centralized billing and invoicing—Determine the revenue and invoice for all relevant charges for each customer on a consolidated invoice.
  • Proactive event management—Schedule costing and billing based on events such as contract renewals, materials handling transactions, and storage capacity utilization.

The result: You get the profits from your warehouse operations that you're due.

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